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I'll suck off Thomas, this much I promise

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gay lovers only Feb. 10th, 2005 @ 07:24 pm
hence forth, friends only biatches, so leave a request for friendination or leave.
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to bold or not to bold Feb. 1st, 2005 @ 12:09 am

entry #50, 61 days on lj. i wouldn't have wanted to waste my time any other way.

well it's midnite and i realized 20 minutes ago that i left my cell phone down at the court near the bottom of culdasac. just took a shower but i run down to fetch, almost completely naked anyway. i find it, it's soaking in rain water, but it's working. saved.

of other things, i'm really wrestling with tryin to find my place right now. there's no rush for that but it's affecting everythin else pretty badly and that's gettin on my case. i guess one thing leads to another huh? yea, i'm shithoused cuz i'm still stuck between two lives, one i can't have back and one i can't shake off my leg. my schedule's got jack i shoulda done before so i don't have time to fix or even think about relationships anymore. feelin pretty pointless right now.

1. copy and post this in your LJ
2. bold anything that is true
3. leave plain anything that is untrue
4. add something

tis lj cut to save some room.

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life trips over its shoelaces Jan. 28th, 2005 @ 03:54 pm
okay, so today was a crappy day.

i've gotten about 4 hours average of sleep a day for the last 2 weeks and i guess i'm starting to lose myself. feelin ok but the things i do, i don't even stop to think about the shit i'm getting myself into.

i almost a got a timeback from rick rees for being dementedly unsober in class today but he went as far as being a total asshole. i mean, i sorta mocked him in a way while he made accusing remarks about what i was doing but he was actin like a 6 year old. i told him that my segment did not have much significance whatsoever and he bounced back humiliated, as if the "Great Gatsby" was his grandmother. rick defended his passion for the book with the grace and resolve of a hospitalized marine animal. he said, "i could write a whole theology on those two paragraphs brandon". i restrained myself from telling him that i could've written a whole theology on what a fucktard he was.

i didn't even realize that he was about to dish me a timeback til other ppl told me so. i was too tired, too deaf.

the other fucked up part of my day is the fact that scott the ski team coach has changed his mind once again and is having us go up the hill tomorrow. as p lang would say it, "ballocks". so what r we doing scott? checkin out the goddamn bare rocks? i was so looking forward to a *productive* saturday but now i getta drag my ass along volcanic sediment and solid ice. THERE IS NO SNOW. just check the fucking weather cam. i'm honestly too fagged to go anywhere at 5 in the morning let alone pointlessly battle the summer-esque mountain. can't do this. i can't.

never was crazy about movies but i guess i'm really anticipated about the release of sin city. the film looks mucho chill will the color drop and splay effect, not to mention the insane cast. also in love with the trailer song, Cells, by The Servant.

title or description title or description

i wish i could edit these but i still hafta wait a bit till i get my old compo backo.
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ccc fest trip Jan. 27th, 2005 @ 07:35 pm
it was a good feelin to b in j choir again. to b goin places, singing all the time, skippin school. makes me feel like i'm worth the time. cept today. today was like reaching into a cookie jar and discovering that there were no cookies.

goodnesswise, this year's choir is a tad short on the skillage. nobody's really givin it thier all and u could c it today when we performed. i guess we didn't bad but i didn't join choir just to get to this point.

despite a less than perfect job, we probably deserved second place but we didn't even get into finals. we went home. in case none of u have picked up on it already, we lost to a blind choir, which is no excuse. i mean, if ur blind, that's all the more reason to pick up on music even though that's still pretty tough.

jeri was talkin bout mayb doing the mic-for-erbody thing which i can't wait for if it happens.

of the better things, DBo and i ventured through the play structure at McDonald's. i remember it being a lot bigger.
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renob Jan. 26th, 2005 @ 07:53 pm
^read it backwards^

who r ya?
am i scary?
if i asked u for money, how much would u give me?
if u had to, would u perform cpr on me (haha)?
what's my weakness?
could i kill someone?
most likely with what?
if u had to sum me up in one word, what would it b?
the best thing i ever said to u:
the best thing i ever gave u:
your best pick up line:
r u doing anything feb 12th?
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tolerance for rick rees takes a hellish plunge Jan. 19th, 2005 @ 09:37 pm
fuck rees's pieces, debby should teach the whole school.

i can't get enough of dis techno. if it was something i could shoot myself up with, i'd have a milk gallon sized syringe ready all the time. does anyone remember that mystery friday we had with that one song? it's kinda hard to describe but it's the one with all the yodeling. what's it called??

yay, semi is on valentine's weekend, which is my favorite holiday (after all my other favorite holidays). no plans yet besides to shake my ass all over the place.

watched all the videos in the daft punk album (2000). it looks 30 years outdated but it's still rad.

i'm outta pictures to post up so i'm thinking about bringing the camera to school tomorrow or sometime later and taking YOUR mugshots. remember kids, we're talking about a bigass camera but i obviously can't take a picture of it so u'll hafta c it for urself. anyways, when i get the photos up here, u can write a well thought-out plea for me not to post your hideous face on this lj and i'll gladly do it anyway.

oh and btw, now that skeeps has directly put my lj as a link in his, i am going to declare outright that he is the *****man***** (thaaaat's right... plenty of stars for u).
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halfway Jan. 18th, 2005 @ 09:44 pm
this is the second time today i've accidentally pressed the back button and got my whole entry deleted. since there's nothing else to do except for hw, i might as go at it. once. again.

so, 2 more days and then it's another semester. i'm gonna miss 3rd period free a lot. u could either finish hw due that day (never did), or chill in between the morning stretch. i have the coolest little entourage of frosh ever, makes the rest of day tolerable. so i guess i'm shifting to 7th. that sucks, i had it last year and it blew ass. can't drive home, can't (won't) do hw, ugly. so who's in it?

hafta start thinking about college and all that crap. after school it's a summer full of college visits, science project, and dirty dirty deeds. senior year will fly by me. this highschool life will fly by me. i mean, it's not very exciting or anything and i really can't wait to get out of here, but it just makes u think about what you've done with your life so far and what it means to u. yea i got plans, ideas, dreams, u can always look forward to things in the future, but what about now? what about holding your life above something u plan it to b?

yea whatever.

talked to my best man for the first time in a while. we still gotta lotta stories to fill in but it's like we been goin our separate ways. i don't like the sound of that.
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day 1 on the hill Jan. 16th, 2005 @ 06:51 pm
i guess this entry's gonna cover the last 3 days i didn't getta talk about.

friday was goodish. the team left right after school so we loaded up our stuff and got comfy in the bus. traffic was real bad but it wasn't so bad cuz i talked my ass off. it was shweet. we changed on the bus so that we could hit the slopes right after we stepped off. course we all had to pee first.

at first i was reeeaaally wobbly. it's been more than a year since i been up and now i'm 20-30 lbs heavier plus the crippling, career-ending, scoliosis. it was a relief to know that i COULD board, but yea, the first run was hell. scott was telling everyone to go slow so while everyone was practicing technique, i was eating snow.

the second time, i felt better and in control so i thought i'd go streaking down the mountain. oh yea. on transition between toe and heel slide, i lost my balance and started careening down the slope. i was literally goin around 30ish before i landed hard on my chest midway through my rampant pilgrimage to the bottom. i eventually stopped rolling but ended up sliding for another 40 feet. i just wanted to stop sliding so i could start puking my guts out. after managing to stop, i just kneeled there and curled up like a guillotine victim in the snow. at that point, the pain was gone cuz i realized that i had gotten the wind knocked outta me. i wanted to tell this other person i was fine but my fuckin body was in total shock. my lungs were down partying with my kidneys and i was just trying to breathe. all i could muster was a triumphant "GACK!", which was enough to freak everyone out.

i was okay. after a coupla minutes i could breathe normal again. picked myself up and continued the way down laughing at myself. oh god, that was fun.

after that, i got my revenge on the hill and did pretty damn well. i managed to not look like an ass the rest of the time but to my frustration, the runs felt shorter and the lift rides, longer. at 8, scott said the school had called us down cuz of the storm the next day, which meant we couldn't spend the nite. i got kinda frustrated cuz i didn't wanna deal with another bus ride right now. we free ski/boarded for another half hour, went pee again, and then went to have some fucking expensive dinner. i spent 11 bucks on 6 pieces of french toast and an oreo shake. i was reeeaally tired on the way back. ugh, we were all maaaad.

well thank god we came down cuz there was no way we were goin to saturday. been goin to bed at 1 for the last 8 days. i should quit.

the ice was great on the most part but like everyone else has already said u couldn't do anything. i wanted to mayb chill at anna's place before the meet, but i couldn't even get around on the porch for starters.

still haven't started the ljp yet. uh oh.

title or description
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potato crimes Jan. 8th, 2005 @ 11:55 pm
so brad and jen are done now. or undone i think. sad.

in memory of 4 shameless years:
nothing has ever made us so sad, as this
horrible break up between jen and brad.

title or description

good times huh?

i made a barely permissable research report on jennifer aniston in 7th grade in drama class. it was killa. so r they still doing the joint movie this year or what?

went to school and did science pro today. got lots done but i'm far from finished. i hate me.
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friday nite in a very big nutshell Jan. 8th, 2005 @ 12:07 am
last nite, i dedicated my hw time to putting palm trees in the background of my lj. i did it for u. in fact, instead of doing any hw at all, i stayed up till 1 in the morning rereading every story in tuckermax.com. rich.

classes were stupid, i tried to work during free period but it didn't really happen. oh, and i got my math final back today and it was worse than my last test. just to refresh your memory, i got an F+ last time and this one completely demolished the record. i've never failed a f_cking final before and i feel even worse because i somehow don't care. i mean, how could i not care?! am i that evil now? everytime i get a chance to b productive, i squander it away by f_cking around on the internet or somethin. i thought mayb i could set things right for myself but it's not goin my way right now.

stuck around after school to do a little prepping for my science project testing. tomorrow i'm gonna b off to work the whole day and c how far i get. definitely not gonna finish it though. a month ago, i thought science pro was the bane of my existence but now i realize there are things that are much worse. things. i need another break already. uhhh.

i didn't dress up as elvis or play any songs at the party but it woulda been kinda odd anyway. it's only been a week and i had already forgotten what it's like to b around these ppl i had once sworn into the past. long story, but it hurted more to b stuck in the middle. anyways, it was all ladies save me and this other guy who hung out with the old peeps who were there. He goes to college in Montana (yea, Montana) and does lotsa filming which is cool. the only ppl i knew there were anna, stacy, cameron, and michelle, but i don't think that mattered by the end.

played ddr for a bit and sat around talking bout stuff. there was this other beer-guzzling man-child who watched us and laughed along (quite soberly). he sounded like one of those white japanese mexicans. yknow, where they've look a certain way but u have no clue what thier ethnicity is. i haven't played video games in a year or so but i retained my mad skillz anyhow. i think we went through ddr, grand turismo, tony hawk 3, and halo in about 30 minutes. the beer-guzzler kicked my ass at skateboarding.

i went upstairs for some food and it was kinda wierd but actually good. i had no clue what the hell the most things were made out of. took a bit of everything including the apple quesadillas. topped it off with a coke and then got some more. the stuff was good, but it wasn't worth standing around, so i ate it while playing ddr.

g homie gordo (the dad) came home and the 40 or so ppl yelled thier lungs out "surprise, HBD!" (happybirthday). i think he already knew considering he probably noticed the 20 cars parked around his house.

my sister came around after the oes middle school dance and remained her regular mime-ish self while we talked about something... oh yea, the lake o winter formal tomorrow. btw, when's semi for us, anyone? mary? then we did the normal tradition of playing hide and seek in this lakeside treplex. i don't think i've ever played hide and seek in any other house since i was a kid but anna's got this magic touch that makes me feel one again. we ended up going for only one round because they couldn't find me for half an hour. it was nothing compared to last week when john and chris were with me and we freaked everyone out by turning the game into a horror show. that, was great. i hid in the ceiling and rapped the doors when ppl walked by. nobody ever bothered to look up per chance.

cake time. we stuck candles into this 15 pound raspberry poppyseed block of dough and lifted it to the table and took an excess of photos. then we got out the (extremely rich, coffee frosting, double) chocolate cake and cut that up too.

i wish i had brought the camera and taken some GOOD photos. or mayb not. i mean, i like taking pictures, especially of the ladies, but being the camera guy takes u outta the action, yknow what i mean? it takes u outta the picture. u can remember everything about the place except being there. i could trrrry lugging the camera around cuz a lotta other ppl do it and photos are nice.

i burned and hand-discographed anna and shel a cd last week so we played that downstairs while stace and anneka started wrestling, which of all the ppl, i founding extreeeemely intereeeesting. we need some mud. then we started throwing balloons everywhere, hid shel's sacred pillow from her, and attempted to convince JR to dance. we failed at the last one.

ppl started leaving after that. stace told me that she decided along with coach don that i was a "ladies gentleman" to which i felt falsely accused of being. i proved her wrong and we had a pillow fight which i believe i emerged the glorious victor.

the birthday man opened up the presents and we were pretty much through. stacy was so tired she almost fell asleep on the couch. tomorrow, i think she's off to dinner and winter formal with her boyfriend and i guess it would suck if u were too sleepy to partay.

a final balloon fight with anna and that wraps up the nite. whoo. god i wish i had some photos to show off.

Your Element Is Fire

Your passion and emotion are as obvious as the brightest flame.
You make sparks fly, and your passion always has the potential to burst out.

You are exciting and creative - and completely unpredictable.
You sometimes exercise control, and sometimes you let yourself go.

Friends describe you as sensitive, spirited, and compulsive.
Bright and blazing with intensity, you seem mysterious and moody to many.

i'm on fire babeeee!

holy crap, it's 1:15 in the morning and i can't keep my eyes open anymore.
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